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I am a passionate patient advocate and paid speaker, I have loved getting out and sharing my story across multiple platforms and many different places across the country. I have had many opportunities to represent the PAH and CHF community in spaces that we otherwise would not be represented in. It has been the joy of my life to serve this community and give a voice to this disease.

2023 Advocacy Trailblazer

This category celebrates patients and caregivers who push the limits and pave a new path for others despite managing a health condition.

Health Union and Social Health Network awarded me the

2023 Advocacy Trailblazer award for my work and leadership in the health advocacy space.



Publications I can be found in include:

Health Union

Social Health Network

Pulmonary Hypertension News

Pulmonary Hypertension Association

American Lung Association

Health Monitor Magazine

SELF Magazine

Chronic Disease Coalition

DigiPharma Connect EAST


Love What Matters

RARE. Podcast

ImAwareThatImRare, PH Aware Podcast

InvisiYouth Chat Sessions Podcast

Invisible Wave Podcast

Born Different

Truly Show


Rare Disease Day

Chronic Disease Day

R is for Rare Podcast

Because We Are Strong Podcast

REAL Talk Conference

The Insighters

Fight Like A Warrior

Other Noteable Things

Patient Rising 2023 Legislative Advocacy Masterclass Student

Patient Leadership Certified by Social Health Network

2024 Social Health Network Patient Leadership Council Member

Team PHenomenal Hope Partner

PCORI Advisory Council Patient Reviewer

Chronic Disease Coalition Ambassador

DigiPharma Connect Speaker

Multiple, Different Patient Panel Panelist

Pulmonary Hypertension Association Panelist

iPain Conference Speaker

HealtheVoices Main Stage Speaker

HealtheVoices Breakout Session Leader

HealtheVoices Patient Advocacy Board Member


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