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Please note, any of my social media videos and posts are educational and informational. This content is not intended in any way meant to treat, prescribe, or diagnosis any medical or emotional condition.

None of this content is meant to serve as medical advice, only my own personal experiences and opinions. Even DMs asking for medical advice is only an opinion from personal experience and should not supersede medical advice from a licensed medical professional.

The content on this website and/or social media page page does not in any way eliminate, substitute, or replace the advice and treatments prescribed by a qualified health care provider or physician for medical care.

The information / content on this website and social media page is not intended to diagnosis, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should not use this information to diagnosis or treat any health problems, disease, or illness without consulting your own physician or other qualified healthcare professional.

Please be advised that you should consult your physician immediately about any medical or psychological concerns or issues.

Also please note that content on my page, including but not limited to posts, videos and photos are copyrighted and belong to me as a content creator. Please do not use or copy my posts to your own page without specific permission. As a content creator this is my job and taking my content without permission affects me and my work. I’m happy to collaborate and/or partner!

Thanks for understanding!

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